Harbour Information

The Kelsey Bay area consists of two separate harbours. One dock is owned by Sayward Futures Society and the other is a federal government dock managed by the Sayward Harbour Authority. The coordinates for the harbour area are 125° 57′ 28″ West, 50° 23′ 27″ North.

Contrary to many recent marine publications, the Kelsey Bay area does not sell fuel – and has not since the early 1980s. The closest places to buy fuel are Blind Channel Resort (25 nautical miles to the south) or Lagoon Cove Marina (35 nautical miles to the north).

Sayward Futures Dock

Our dock has a large cargo pier in the front and a finger dock for smaller vessels in the back. The pier is approximately 180 feet long and has a water depth of about 30 feet at low tide. The finger dock has about 200 feet of dock space with water depths ranging from 8-15 feet.


View of the Sayward Futures Wharf from Johnstone Strait

Sayward Harbour Authority Dock

The Government Dock, managed by the Sayward Harbour Authority, does not take reservations. It is first come, first tie-up. The maximum length for vessels at this dock is 65 feet.


View of the Government Dock from Johnstone Strait

** The two harbours do not monitor any marine VHF channels. **