Ocean View Gifts & Gallery

Consignment Information

Ocean View Gifts & Gallery represents our local and regional artisans. Our retail outlet showcases home accessories, artwork, and crafts of professional quality. Consigned goods are sold at 25% commission on gross sales. All work must be submitted for acceptance by Sayward Futures Society’s Jury Committee.

Before you make a presentation to the Jury Committee, please read the Jury Checklist below, then complete our online Consignment Application form. (Or, if you’d prefer, you can download and print the Consignment Application and Jury Form, and then mail it or bring it in to the gift shop.) You will be notified of the Jury’s decision after the next board meeting.


Jury Checklist

While looking over your work, the Jury will be considering the following:
• Your presentation and workmanship
• Pricing and sale-ability
• Consistency, quality, and originality
• Any similarities to other stock within Ocean View Gifts and Gallery.
• Acceptance is also subject to available display space.

Specific Criteria:

• Biography of artist, artist statement, or business cards
• Supporting info explaining concept (such as brochures)
• No display or security concerns
• No copyright concerns or infringements
• Original designs
• Cards packaged nicely
• Jewellery made of quality findings and packaged nicely
• Pottery with smooth bottoms or felt pads
• Paintings ready to hang with wires affixed, signed and dated
• Prints/Photos marked as to method of reproduction
• Sculpture ready to display with felt pads

All artists whose work is accepted by the Jury Committee will be required to become a member of Sayward Futures Society before their artwork is inventoried and displayed in the store. You can choose either a personal or business membership. (Business members receive additional benefits.)
For more information about becoming a member, click here.

Non-acceptance does not indicate poor workmanship or presentation, and should not be taken personally. A critique will not be given.

Go to Consignment Application form.